Would You Really Kill a Gorilla for Your Child?

So much controversy over a single gorilla.  Someone mentioned today that cows are slayed every day but no one seems to care.  As a parent, most seem to think it’s a no brainier to put a bullet in the head of a massively strong animal that has your child in it’s arms. The harm that it could cause the child (even unintentionally) is immense — this situation could turn deadly in a millisecond.

Unfortunately too many children (mine included) find themselves in situation far worse than in the hands of a silverback.  The reason we chose to pull the trigger is to prevent long term, life altering damage, damage that can not be undone, and even if healed will leave a nasty scar.

How many times do we as parents see our children in those dangerous hands, and do nothing at all, or even worse, we throw our children to the gorilla? We pat it on the head, and sacrifice little parts of our children to the gorilla of our tempers, the gorilla of our exhaustion, our pride, harsh tongues, broken down emotions, or selfish desires. These gorillas of the heart have much harsher long term effects on our children than Harambe ever could, such as hurt, instilling poor behaving in our children through our less than perfect example, the lack of self-confidence, disappointment, and many other long term side effects.

Question is; are we willing to pick up the gun, pull the trigger, and kill those gorillas?

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