Resolutions, Scoffers, and Conquerors


The New Year is now upon us, fresh, clean, and not even a day old.  2014 still has that sweet smell of an innocent newborn, full of good intents and resolutions to be more.  The dreams vary from the ever popular tight abs, the new business ventures, or one of the favorites that I heard this year; “to be normal.”  There are two very vocal crowds this time of year: one crowd is high on ambition ready to make changes that will last a life time, and the second crowd is full of scoffers, refusing to make any type of change at least for the next month least they be put in the group of a resolutionier.

For anyone that has been to a  gym regularly, you already know the mayhem that ensues in January, all the parking spots are taken, the lockers are filled, and you might as well plan double the time for your regular workout due to the waiting that will take place at each station before you can get to YOUR spot where someone is improperly using the equipment.  You can’t wait until these few weeks pass, and you have your gym back.  What a hassle these resolution people are.

Unfortunately too many resolutions end the same way as described above.  Because of the evaporation of so many resolutions, the group of the scoffers was birthed.  A whole stereotype has been made, and failure has been stamped on the forehead of any individual that sets a goal beginning at the onset of a new year.  All that some see are the resolutions that fail.  The one that wanted to lose 20lbs last year, but instead put on 20lbs by the end of the year.  The new mother that planned on living more organically, but now McDonalds knows her order before she places it.  The truth is some fail.

But WAIT!!  Don’t stop there!!! Yesterday  I was encouraged to see one of my friends celebrating an EIGHT YEAR anniversary of her last cigarette.  I scrolled down my facebook page to see another friend reminiscing about his incredible year of physical transformation a few years back, and guess what; HE HAS MAINTAINED IT FOR OVER TWO ADDITIONAL YEARS!!  These are just two of the many that have made what appear to be life changes, with the opportunity of a new year, and a clean slate.  Did they attempt the same change previously and fail before succeeding?  Probably.  Failure comes easily, but success is most always preceded by failure.

So I challenge you to encourage others in their endeavors.  Maybe a New Years Resolution isn’t for you, but do what you can to make those surrounding you a success story.  Kindly partner with those in your way, misusing your equipment and crowding your gym.  Offer a spot, and tell them you will be looking for them next time you are at your overly crowded gym.  A discouraging word will only add to the reasons why one should quit.  Break your stereotype and be supportive.  To those with resolutions: Go get it!!  Be more!!!  Cheers to a fabulous 2014 full of growth for all of us!

© 2016 Leah J. Dillon
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